Homemade Etch

I wanted to spice up the windows I made in a CRT screen. I wanted a home meade solution with som light.

Chosing the logo

The logo for the etch

Since I don't have the skills to make a cool logo I searched the net. I found a coupple of cool sites with logo's; BrandsOfTheWorld.com and LogoTypes.ru.

I went for a logo containing a scorpion.

Image Editing

Logo printed on a A5 label

Whe making the etch the best result is achieved when engraving is done on the soon to be backside. Thus the image/text must be inverted. To center the etch I draw the border of the window. After this the logo is ready for printing. I used Avery labels


Engraving in progress

The engravin is pretty straight forward. I use a PowerCraft (Cheap multitool). I started whith the outline using a pointy bit. For the larger areas I use a more flatheaded bit.

Circuit Diagram


I wanted two colors, red and blue. Six red LED's in one side and 6 blue LED's at the other. The LED's are connected parallel whit a resistor for each LED. The switch os a on-off-on, this way I can turn it off if I feel like that. I recomend this optin in all mods with ligth.

Mounting the Windows

Wiring in the screen

I used 5mm acrylic since this would make it easy to fit tme 5mm LED's. The windows is mounted using 3mm bolts. The LED's are glued to the acrylic using epoxy, a fast and easy way to mount LED's (which are not visible). I have a molex plug in a shield for a PCI port and a plug at the back of the screen. Then a simple extension cord with molex plus is all that is needen for the screen to light up

Testing the Etch

testing the etch with blue LEDs

I had to test the effect before I assemble the screen. The LED's gives a great effect, not only the bright shiny logo, but they also light up the inside of the screen. The red LED's that were mounten in th ascreen when I only had a plain windows are removed.


Cloesup of etch with red LEDs
Closeup with blue LEDs
CRT screen with etch, red LEDs
CRT screen with etch, blue LEDs

A few pictures of the CRT screen in action.

PC För Alla

This casemod were mentioned in an article about casemodding i the Swedish computer magazine; PC För Alla. The article is placed alle the way back on page 86 and 87, but it is still funny to se my own work in a computer magazine.

PC för alla PC för alla
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