Cable Tester

I saw this mod on, and I just had to make it myself. The principle is simple: If the cable works, the LED on a hub, switch or router light up, when the cable tester is connected to the cable.

LAN Card

LAN Card

Not exactly a big surprise, but a RJ-45 socket is needed for this mod. I chose to cut one off an old LAN card. I chose to keep some of the PCB, this makes it easy to turn it into a key ring.

LAN Card meets hacksaw

The PCI metal plate is removed and the PCB has met my hacksaw. After sawing, the edges have been sanded.

The back og the PCB

The four pins used to data transport are soldered in pairs.

LAN Keyring

The Cable tester mounted in a key ring.

Testing the Cable Tester

I tried the cable tester wit a LAN cable I knew worked. And just as expected the LED on the router lights up, indicating a computer is connected to the router.

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