This is my first barebone PC, a Asus Terminator K7 - Barebone System. It is a AMD Duron 1200MHz, with a Asus A7VC FlexATX motherboard, with onboard graphics chip, sound card and LAN. There were 256MB PC133 memory but no floppy drive. It did come with a DVD drive, but I dont expect to use it on the machine.

Factory Style

Factory Style

Just a picture of the machine straight from the factory. A typical ugly gray case, but that is going to change.

A Peak Inside

A Peak Inside

It is not the case with most free space. I dont think I can chang the existing CPU cooler, which is to bad. It makes a lot of noise.

Opening the Case

It opens like a book

The case opens like a book. This gives good room when mounting the hardware, but it makes it difficult to optimize the cables.

The Front

The front

The front consists of several parts. I have removed the Asus case badge. The hole after the case badge and the hole to the floppy are filled with plastic padding. I used a two component padding, which harden within 10 minutes.

Painting the Case

After first sanding

First the case cover were given 3 layers of primer. The primer were the wet sanded with grid 1200. Whe I were satisfied with the surface, it was time to give the case the "real" paint. four, or was it five, layers of pink, followed by wet sanding. unfortunately I sanded throug the pink paint, so I have to give the case several more layers of pink.

After first sanding

The surface were not perfectly sanded as the surface is not absolutly smooth.

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